[Chicago-talk] help with Reg Exp, pls...

Walter Torres walter at torres.ws
Mon Dec 15 12:31:20 CST 2003

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> Unless I'm missing something, a little bit more
> information would be useful. For instance, what sorts
> of data should you be matching? How does it need to
> look?
> As is, a regex that matches all of those strings is as
> simple as m/./  :)
> But that's probably not terribly useful to you. So how
> -should- these names look, and then we can probably
> help out a bit more.

I hope my reply to Stephen helps answer these...

> (incidentally, it's also entirely possible that
> there's a CPAN module to do name validation, so it
> might also be good to look there)

oh, good idea. Why didnt I think to go there! 




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