[Chicago-talk] help with Reg Exp, pls...

Walter Torres walter at torres.ws
Mon Dec 15 12:30:17 CST 2003

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> > I can't get a regExp to valid any of these names.
> >
> > All I want to know is if the string given passes or fails a
> test that can
> > handle the examples below...
> >
> >    Dr. Roger O'Malley
> >    Mrs. Sara Harris-Henderson
> >    Manuel Gonzalez
> >    Forsok Bokstaver
> >    Contem Espaco-Valido
> What are the rules for the names?

I see the extended characters did not make it through the mail lister. The
last 3 names had these characters in them.

mmm, I really don't know...

 - a SPACE is used to delimit first from last name [Walter Torres]
 - a HYPHEN is used to separate a dual name (British style) [Conrad-Smyth]
 - an APOSTROPHE is used in many Irish and Scotish names [o'Rielly]
 - a PERIOD is used in titles, suffixes [Dr. Sr. Jr.]
 - a PERIOD is used for Initials [Walter G. Torres]

 - allow apostrophes, but only if preceded *and* followed by a Alpha/Extend
 - allow hyphen/dash, but only if preceded *and* followed by a Alpha/Extend
 - allow PERIOD, but only if preceded by a Alpha/Extend *and* followed by a
 - allow SPACE, but only if preceded *and* followed by a Alpha/Extend

I guess seems to cover how names are created.

Does that help?

I guess this is a bit more complicated that I first thought.



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