[Chicago-talk] Speaking of threading

Chris McAvoy mcavoy76 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 5 17:15:56 CST 2003

You know, if anyone ever wants to do a talk on threading or forking perl,
I'd be very interested.

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> So, speaking of threading...
> Does anyone have any practical experience with threaded 5.8?  The
> general reaction I've gotten from most folk I've talked to has been
> "perl threads are scary and I don't want to compile my own perl".
> Are perl threads still scary?  I think the most scary parts (used to)
> be that threads made things slower, sneaky unspecified sharing danger
> deep inside perl, and non-core but common modules which are
> non-threadsafe (and also a lack of a good way to tell if a given
> module is threadsafe).  I think the first is solved and the second
> more or less resolved, but have no idea on the third.
> Is it reasonable yet to assume that an app with a "use threads" can be
> run by most people running 5.8?  It looks like RedHat 8 ships with a
> ithreads-happy perl (though RH8's perl is flaky in other ways), but
> the default configure options still reccommend no thread support.
> Any opinions?
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