[Chicago-talk] Speaking of threading

Greg Fast gdf at speakeasy.net
Fri Dec 5 15:21:04 CST 2003

So, speaking of threading...

Does anyone have any practical experience with threaded 5.8?  The
general reaction I've gotten from most folk I've talked to has been
"perl threads are scary and I don't want to compile my own perl".

Are perl threads still scary?  I think the most scary parts (used to)
be that threads made things slower, sneaky unspecified sharing danger
deep inside perl, and non-core but common modules which are
non-threadsafe (and also a lack of a good way to tell if a given
module is threadsafe).  I think the first is solved and the second
more or less resolved, but have no idea on the third.

Is it reasonable yet to assume that an app with a "use threads" can be
run by most people running 5.8?  It looks like RedHat 8 ships with a
ithreads-happy perl (though RH8's perl is flaky in other ways), but
the default configure options still reccommend no thread support.

Any opinions?

Greg Fast

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