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William McKee william at
Thu Mar 24 11:06:34 PST 2005

On Thu, Mar 24, 2005 at 12:00:28PM -0500, Dale Lancaster wrote:
> I am definitely in favor of a 1500 piece craftsman professional tool set vs 
> the 20 piece "all you will ever need" screwdriver, pliers, socket set 
> approach. 

(grunting sound fx from Home Improvement plays in the background)

> I do have one (possibly more if I think about it) pet peeve with 
> Perl and it's that Larry Wall decided that it was not necessary to have a 
> switch/case construct because "there are so many other ways to do the same 
> thing in Perl".

You're not the only one, and he's changed his mind (or had it changed by
the community) because it will be part of Perl6. In fact, you can get a
Perl5 implementation along with lots of other Perl6 goodies by
downloading Bundle::Perl6 from CPAN.


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