[Cascavel-pm] (off-topic) encontros sociais dos monges: uma desculpa a menos

Alceu R. de Freitas Jr. glasswalk3r em yahoo.com.br
Sexta Março 11 04:52:32 PST 2005

Olá Monges,

Agora os monges que não vão aos encontros sociais tem
uma desculpa a menos:

"Those of us who like a few pints already know that
beer fights cancer
and is an absolute life-saver
in an avalanche emergency situation, but what about
the apparently proven effect of ale on the old
waistline, eh?

After all, anyone who has ever been on a package
holiday to the Spanish costas can attest to the
terrifying expansion of the British male's belly in
response to a few hundred gallons of San Miguel...

Or maybe not. A new campaign by the British Beer and
Pub Association (BBPA), as reported on the BBC
highlights the most satisfying fact that beer in
reality has less calories than wine, milk or orange
juice - 41, 77, 64 and 42 per cent per 100ml,

What actually causes the beer belly is the
overwhelming desire to partake of an enormous kebab or
plate of curry after a particularly robust session,
the BBPA says. This is true, although the BBPA is not
taking in account something else all beer-drinkers
know: that doner kebabs combat male pattern baldness
and curry increases attractiveness to the opposite

Which is why people who prefer wine are invariably
bald and single - despite having a waistline like
Calista Flockhart.

US brewer adds caffeine to beer
Man urinates his way out of avalanche
Beer fights cancer: official

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Alceu Rodrigues de Freitas Junior
glasswalk3r em yahoo.com.br
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