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Luis Champs de Carvalho monsieur_champs em yahoo.com.br
Quinta Julho 8 09:15:14 CDT 2004

  Meus caros, eu sei que nem todo mundo aqui se dá bem com inglês, mas
isto é importante.

  Eu perguntei ao pessoal de Londres sobre os primeiros encontros
técnicos, e descobri que estamos num caminho conhecido, os encontros
acontecem mais ou menos dentro do modelo proposto pelos London-PM'ers. Eu
gostaria de saber de vocês o que vocês acham dos encontros sociais, se
estamos no caminho certo, e o que vocês esperam dos encontros técnicos.

  Se alguém se interessar mas tiver dificuldades com o inglês, eu posso
tentar uma tradução... :-) me peçam, dentro ou fora da lista.

  Luis Campos de Carvalho is BSc in Comp Science,
  PerlMonk [SiteDocClan], Cascavel-pm Moderator,
  Unix Sys Admin && Certified Oracle DBA

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On Wed, Jul 07, 2004 at 03:35:55PM -0300, Luis Champs de Carvalho wrote:
> Ladies and Gentleman:
> I was wondering about the first time the London Perl Mongers have a
> social meeting, and became curious. Does anybody here could please
> tell me about this first meeting?

As Another Dave has pointed out, the first meeting was on Thursday 6th
August 1998. There were 12 people present in the cellar bar of the
Cittie of Yorke pub. Later, four of us went for a meal in My Old Dutch.

At least four of those 12 people are still active members of the group

The mailing list for the group had been set up in around May. It took
us three months to agree on a meeting date :)

> And how about the first tech meeting? How it was? Where it happened?
> How (and when) the Yahoo! meeting room was first used? How you achieve
> this "privilege"?

The first tech meeting was at some point in the summer of 2000. In the
run-up to the first YAPC::Europe, the venue (the ICA) invited us to try
out the rooms. We've had them (approximately) bi-monthly ever since.

We've always relied on getting meeting space from places where members
of the group work and Yahoo! was no exception. One of us worked there
and asked his boss if we could hold a meeting there. Over the last
four years we've help technical meetings in about six or eight
different offices.

Does that help?


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