[Cascavel-pm] Code Review Ladder mailing list

Nelson Ferraz nferraz em phperl.com
Quinta Setembro 18 08:56:18 CDT 2003

Simon Cozens <mailto:simon-use-perl em perlhacker.org> criou uma lista para 
revisão de códigos em Perl. O que vocês acham da iniciativa?

/"I've been threatening to do it for a while, but now I've caved in, and 
set up the code review ladder mailing list 

//"Part of the reason why I think some CPAN uploads are rubbish -- 
including some of my own -- is that people develop in isolation, and no 
one gets a chance to look over code before release. Other people can 
spot obvious mistakes or better ways to do something if they're a little 
further away from the action. /

/The idea behind the mailing list is that you can post your code to be 
reviewed, and if you get good feedback, you ought to feel some kind of 
moral obligation to help the next guy along. I've taken the concept from 
the go teaching ladder <http://gtl.jeudego.org/index.en.php>, where it 
seems to work quite well. /

/This isn't just for CPAN code, although improving CPAN is an intended 
goal. Post any code you'd like reviewed, and if we reach critical mass, 
you'll hopefully get some decent improvements on it."/





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