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Aleksey Tsalolikhin eesti at corp.earthlink.net
Fri Jun 18 15:09:10 CDT 1999

  Hi Jim!  Congratulations on your wedding and have a great time in 

  I work for EarthLink in the Web System Administration group, which
is where I first came across perl about four years ago, and I've been
fallen with it's power and gentlest learning curve ever since.  

  I wrote an account auto-provisioning system for the free websites
that we supply with the dial-up accounts about 3.5 years ago and
it went from handling tens of signups a day to hundreds, and I'm
watching to see it go over a 1,000.  It's really a pleasure to have
built something robust and maintenable, and it's impressive
considering I was still rather new to the language.

  Looking forward to hearing from the other folks,


Aleksey Tsalolikhin                      eesti at corp.earthlink.net
Sr. Web System Administrator         
EarthLink Network, Inc.
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