BPM: Hello!

Jim Meyer purp at selequa.com
Fri Jun 11 22:09:24 CDT 1999

I just wanted to drop a note in to say hi and introduce myself. =]

I'm Jim Meyer and I'm a Perlaholic. So much so I asked Perl Mongers to
start this mailing list so that I could hang out with other Perlaholics.

I work for Disney Feature Animation in Technical Support where, among
other bits, I write a lot of Perl code to automate system maintenance
jobs, get information up on our Intranet, and anything else which seems to
need a bit of help in getting done. I've only just recently reached the
point where I felt I needed the Advanced Perl Programming (Panther) book;
however, my copy of the Camel book is incredibly dog-eared.

My latest cool stuff has been to write a module which uses a standard
comment header at the top of a script to derive answers to -help, -syntax,
-version, and -history command line options; it's really nice to get those
functions for free now and it's easier to keep the comment header up to
date than it is to keep separate documentation in sync. Or so I think. =]

I'm also about to disappear for about a month in order to get married and
honeymoon in Italy for three weeks. When I get back, I look forward to
chatting with you folks and planning our first meeting (anyone here scared
at the sight of beer? After Italy, I'm gonna be ready for a large, dark
one. =)

Meanwhile, I think we're fairly few at this point; jump right in and
introduce yourselves!

Bon giorno e ciao...for now!

Jim Meyer (purp at selequa.com)                http://www.selequa.com/~purp
GCS/CA/FA>AT d- s: a C+++$>++++ UI++++$ L+++>++++ P+++$>+++++ E(>++) W++
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