[boulder.pm] another outing of some kind?

Walter Pienciak walter at frii.com
Thu Dec 28 17:00:52 CST 2000

Well, the holiday season is in full stride, and on top of that
I just finished a conference and an *actual vacation*.  I obviously
have some ingrained Calvinistic tendencies from somewhere, because
I feel a strong urge to counteract all the fleshly indulgences I
have enjoyed recently.

Anyone interested in an after-work or weekend hike?  I'm thinking
maybe something around the south end of the Mesa Trail, which
has a moderate grade and some excellent views.

For those who haven't attended one of these things yet, here are a few
salient points:

1.  I haven't seen a buffed uberfitness type yet.  NO high-altitude
    training or specific aerobic capacities required  ;^)  Just a bunch
    of people out walking.
2.  Conversation topics tend to be the same Perl/geek wandering-thread
    type of conversation you'd expect elsewhere.
3.  Sekrit 3733t stuph is ALWAYS imparted.


Ob-Perl:  Lincoln Stein has a new book just out on network programming
in Perl -- along the lines of the Stevens book apparently.  It is barely
possible, based on an e-mail I got from its editor, that I'll get one to
review.  I'll keep you posted.

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