Template toolkit

Stray Toaster mwk at stray-toaster.co.uk
Mon Jun 18 15:21:19 CDT 2001

Tony Bowden wrote:

> It has lots of advantages over HTML::Template, BlackStar::Parser and
> their ilk in that it's much easier to define the look and feel of
> multiple documents rather than one by one. e.g., when used for HTML,
> it's much more useful for managing the look of a *site*, whereas most
> of the others are good for a *page*.
> It makes the easy things trivial, and the difficult things possible.
> Or something.  It DWIMs quite nicely - pass it a scalar, a list, a hash,
> a coderef, an object - whatever you want, and it just handles them
> all seamlessly.

Sounds very interesting, maybe it will force me to look at it! (It is sitting
on my machine here, but never done anything with it) And sounds very perl too.

Oh, and thirdly-sounding, sounds like a talk to Belfast.pm..................

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