[bcn-pm] Fwd: [pm_groups] Mentors for translation work needed

Jordi "Txor" Casas Ríos txorlings a gmail.com
dic nov 23 05:20:09 PST 2011


em diuen Txor i vaig venir al curs d'introducció.

M'agradaria col·laborar tot hi que no vaig gaire bé de temps... Si de cas
intentaré passar-me demà pel bar!


2011/11/23 Alex Muntada <alexm a alexm.org>

> Hola Mongers, algú s'anima a fer de mentor per als xavals del GCI?
> Recordeu que demà tenim reunió al Mes Open Bar a les 20h ;)
> Salut,
> Alex
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> From: Gabor Szabo <szabgab a gmail.com>
> Date: Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 11:40
> Subject: [pm_groups] Mentors for translation work needed
> To: PM Groups <pm_groups a pm.org>
> Cc: Paul Johnson <paul a pjcj.net>, Florian Ragwitz <rafl a debian.org>
> Hi,
> this mail is for the non-English Perl Monger groups.
> Another one, for the English speaking groups will follow soon.
> The GCI - Google Code In - has started 2 days ago.
> The Perl Foundation participates through the volunteer work
> Florian Ragwitz (rafl) and Paul Johnson ( pjcj ).
> The dead-line for the first round was extended to 27 November
> and in these 2 days I think I know what is missing.
> I'd like to call for your help.
> Some of the tasks are translation related such as
> translating
>  - Mojolicious::Guides::FAQ
>  - The Moose website
>  - OpenWebMail
>  - The GUI of Padre, the Perl IDE
>  - Several screencasts I made and put on YouTube
> Having translations in your language can be of a lot of
> help getting people started. They will have to learn English
> eventually but its a nice help.
> In order to have translations in your language we first need
> mentors who speak your language fluently and who
> would be ready to help a bit.
> Once we have that we will also need students but as
> I could see in these two days that's less of a problem.
> We need mentors. If you think this is a good cause
> Please forward this message to your Perl Monger group
> (and maybe add a few sentences in your local languages :)
> and kick their ass to sign up as mentors.
> Here is the process:
> 1) Sign up as a mentor at
> http://www.google-melange.com/gci/profile/mentor/google/gci2011
> 2) Join the #gci channel on irc.perl.org
> If you don't have an IRC client you can follow this link:
> http://wbe004.mibbit.com/?autoConnect=true&server=irc.perl.org&channel=%23gci&nick=
> 3) Talk to Paul Johnson ( pjcj ) or Florian Ragwitz ( rafl )
>    who can invite  you to the TPF program.
> Let them know you are ready to mentor XYZ translations.
> They will probably schedule a few translation tasks to your language
> and when they need your help they will let you know.
> Once there are a few tasks you can send out another call for students.
> I think that's it.
> If you'd like to get in the first round you have only 4 days for that.
> regards
>   Gabor
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