[bcn-pm] Hello and Perl Mongers webpage listing

Zeno zeno at timallen.org
Tue Nov 12 05:57:40 CST 2002

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>From: "Russell Matbouli" <lists-barcelona.pm at russell.matbouli.org>
>I was looking on http://www.pm.org/groups/europe.html and noticed that
>Barcelona.PM isn't listed there. You should probably send a mail to Dave
>Cross ( user_groups at pm.org is the email address listed on the PM
Thanks for pointing this out!
I've just sent an email making the request.  >Also, I might be in Barcelona
in January - do you have meetings
Alas, we pretty much exist only as a list.  However, having a visiting Perl
Monger might be excuse enough for us to whip something up.  When you know
what days you will be here, post back to the list and we'll see if we can
have an impromptu meeting.
>Apologies for not using catalan/spanish! I can vaguely pick up what
>you're saying in the mails though, coupled with babelfish and I get the
>gist of the conversations :)
Don't worry!  Although a major purpose of the group is to maintain a Catalan
presence in the Perl world, just about everyone in the group understands
written English at least (I, an American, probably have the most problems
speaking English correctly!)
Take care.

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