[Banking-pm] Any newbies?

alex at owal.co.uk alex at owal.co.uk
Fri Sep 8 09:08:16 PDT 2006

> I live in Bristol but am on a contract in West London -
> Perl/PostgreSQL/TT - which is coming to an end so I can join a
> pre-revenue startup closer to home.

Are you looking for London work though or are you sorted out for paying work?
I'm sure that there are a few perl vacancies we could push you towards :-)

> I was interested in finding out how
> banking roles differ

There are a number of good articles about that - which I will try to dig
up some other time.

> and why there is a perception that they are
> difficult to get in to regarding the chicken and egg scenario of banking
> experience.

Every job I've ever done has involved a certain amount of domain
knowledge. For instance I did a contract for the National Air Traffic
Service, and I had to learn their terminology for airports and weather
conditions, and the like. Now that I could do in a few days - maybe weks
for some of the harder concepts. Now banking is complicated - it takes you
hours to understand the basics - but years to get even a small fraction of
the whole thing. If you turned up for a banking contract with no knowledge
of the business then you would be useless for a significant length of time
whilst you learnt the business required. No one will teach you. You can
pick up some knowledge from books and courses - but there is no substitute
for the time taken to do the work: living and breathing the environment.

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