[Banking-pm] Any newbies?

Andrew McGregor a.mcgregor at pasty.ltd.uk
Fri Sep 8 08:33:55 PDT 2006

alex at owal.co.uk wrote:
> Have we persuaded anybody to join the list who doesnt work in finance -
> but is thinking about it?
I'm here just being nosey.  I don't work for a bank but I do want to be 
credited as the first to make the joke 'but I do have a bank account'.

I live in Bristol but am on a contract in West London - 
Perl/PostgreSQL/TT - which is coming to an end so I can join a 
pre-revenue startup closer to home.

I'm interested in this list as I applied for a banking role at the same 
time as I got my current role, and I was interested in finding out how 
banking roles differ and why there is a perception that they are 
difficult to get in to regarding the chicken and egg scenario of banking 

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