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Dan Jacobson dan_a_jacobson at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 17 09:59:20 CDT 1999


This is an opportunity to contact the group in D.C. and tell them that
we have a good speaker coming (mention his column in TPJ), and that
are welcome to attend.  This is a subtle way of cluing in any Baltimore
folks in the D.C. group that we exist.  It could also start a
relationship with the D.C. group where we make each other aware if we
are bringing in a "big name" speaker - a reicprocal seminar series


--- Rob Manning <rmanning at erols.com> wrote:
> Good news!  Mark says that he is available for the September 7th
> meeting.  So I propose we use that as the target (I know that having
> a
> specific date is important for scheduling things like space,
> equipment,
> etc.)  As far as equipment goes, in the worst case if someone will
> bring a laptop, I have a 19" monitor we could plug it into.  If
> September
> 7th is a go,  I'll announce it on the website with the meeting place
> TBD.
> I can then ask for RSVP by email and send the location/time later to
> those
> who we know are coming(RSVP'd).  This should give us an accurate
> count
> of attendees.  Does this make sense or does someone have a better
> idea?
> Rob
> "James W. Sandoz; (BIO;FAC)" wrote:
> > >     I just sent Mark a note to see what his availability for
> September
> > > 7th is.  If it's a no go then I'll ask him which days he'd
> prefer.  I'll
> > > get back to you when I have more info.
> >
> > Good.  Keep me posted.  But I'll be leaving Sunday morning for that
> > vacationer's paradise, OC.  Coming back Thursday or Friday
> (probably Fri)
> > so I probably won't be able to line anything up until the following
> > Monday.  I'm hoping it won't be a Wednesday or Thursday.
> >
> >         Jim
> >
> > Mr. James W. Sandoz, Instructor, UMBC Dept of Biol Sciences,
> >                                  1000 Hilltop Circle
> >                                  Catonsville, MD 21250
> > voice: (410) 455-3497; fax: 455-3875; net: sandoz at umbc.edu

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