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You mentioned a website for the group. I just checked the pm.org listing of
established group and it didn't have a link. Would you mind sharing the URL. Or
perhaps you are talking about a future website...

Also, thought I should offer free web hosting as I have access to that. We
could set up under the "pm.org" domain, so we would be "baltimore.pm.org".

Sorry I couldn't make it to the first visit. I've got family visiting this
week, and, besides that, I've been swamped with work. Hopefully I'll make the
next meeting.

 - David

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	You raise alot a good points.  I was going to suggest
that we look for a bigger venue for "special" guest speaker
meetings.  In the back of my mind I just assumed that we could
use a campus room.  But perhaps the network connection may not be
necessary - a laptop could be used when hooked up to a 19/21-inch
monitor for a group of 20 people or so.   I will definitely make
sure to specify on the website to RSVP should we go ahead with
this.  August 3rd is what I had in mind to ask Mark about - assuming the
group is in favor of it.


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