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	You raise alot a good points.  I was going to suggest
that we look for a bigger venue for "special" guest speaker 
meetings.  In the back of my mind I just assumed that we could
use a campus room.  But perhaps the network connection may not be
necessary - a laptop could be used when hooked up to a 19/21-inch
monitor for a group of 20 people or so.   I will definitely make
sure to specify on the website to RSVP should we go ahead with
this.  August 3rd is what I had in mind to ask Mark about - assuming the
group is in favor of it.  


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> > How many would favor this type of arrangement for the 
> > next meeting?
> Heck. I'm game.
> I see a problem and an opportunity.  Problem:  MJD is a Perl Jedi.  I
> believe he'll attract far more than the dozen of us who came to the
> original meeting.  I suggest that on the web page announcement you ask
> those interested in attending to respond so that we can have an
> alternate
> place to meet if needed. I'll check here at umbc....
> Just talked to someone and he needs to know if computers are required.
> There's a problem if they are, since each user would need to be
> granted 
> temporary access to the system.  We _are_ talking about Aug3?
> Opportunity:  Here I'm fishing.  But it seems that there are a lot of
> companies which just love to throw money at groups such as
> perlmongers.  I
> may be dreaming, but does anyone have any idea for leads? Active
> State?
> Red Hat? Other?
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