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Reini Urban reini at cpanel.net
Thu Jan 30 07:03:16 PST 2014

On 01/29/2014 11:05 AM, Jack Lupton wrote:
> I did a search on free soap web services and most of them appear to
> provide very simple pieces of data.  The data that Frank put on the
> screen did not seem very complicated. I imagine a tank sensor sending
> that info once an hour or something might work. It wouldn't become big
> data until lots of tanks' info was collected in one place. It also can
> work outside of http; as in smtp and sms which seem like it might be
> useful.


In summary:
SOAP is slow and introspective, so servers provide it when they change 
they their API or database structure often, or have a lot of API 
functions. Or have bad managers.
XML-API is the non introspective variant, still overly verbose 
(uncompressed XML tags), but used more often. Non-introspective
means you have to read the documentation for the API. With SOAP you 
could theoretically without.
REST is the hard-core, efficient HTTP based interface, 
GET/HEAD/POST/DELETE only, with readable paths.

With non-HTTP based connections over sockets much more efficient and 
better protocols do exist.
Best known are zeromq for multiple servers/clients, msgpack for run-time 
structures, protobuf for compile-time structures, and many more.
In perl JSON::XS is one of the simpliest and fastest.

> On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 9:10 AM, Frank Sheiness <syndesis at gmail.com
> <mailto:syndesis at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     i use SOAP a little in my catalyst application but I don't really
>     think it's a great choice for transfer of massive amounts of
>     information.  it's closer in purpose to REST.  and if you have a
>     choice, I would recommend using REST over SOAP.  it's much easier to
>     use.
>     On Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 9:43 PM, Jack Lupton <jacklupton at gmail.com
>     <mailto:jacklupton at gmail.com>> wrote:
>         Hey,
>         Pretty good meeting tonight. Thanks again to HostGator for a
>         real place to have a meeting ( and the pizza, and the drinks ).
>         I'm sorry for being so inept at expressing myself in technical
>         terms sometimes. The web services architecture I was trying to
>         ask about is the Web Service Description Language and Simple
>         Object Access Protocol. I wonder how SOAP services might be used
>         in a Catalyst application or for the transfer/access of massive
>         amounts of data that Frank Braswell described tonight. The
>         relevant Perl module is SOAP::Lite.
>         Maybe I could bear down on the subject and be able to present in
>         a few months.
>         Jack

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