APM: Mascot Ideas & Voting

Will Braswell wbraswell at hush.com
Thu Feb 27 23:41:48 PST 2014

Howdy Mongers,
At our business meeting this week, we had a fabulous presentation
about Mojolicious by Allan Cochrane of ARM, and we also discussed our
awesome sponsor Hostgator's ideas for upcoming YAPC t-shirts.
We need to decide on an official Austin.pm mascot, which will be
artistically rendered by Hostgator's talented graphics personnel, and
included on the t-shirts along w/ Hostgator's Snappy alligator mascot
and the also-as-yet-unchosen Houston.pm mascot.
Our current mascot ideas are:
1.  Bat (popular Austin animal)2.  Armadillo (popular Austin animal)3.
 Oyster/Clam (source of pearls)4.  Camel-Tauntaun Hybrid (may need
further logistical consideration)
Do we have any other serious ideas?
Which ones do you love and which ones do you hate?
We need to discuss this via the e-mail list, and we will have the
official vote at the March 25th business meeting.
Perling,~ Will Braswell, Austin.pm Prez
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