APM: YAPC + Houston & Austin PM + HostGator

Xaviar x at hostgator.com
Fri Feb 21 12:09:05 PST 2014

Hey Perl Mongers!

We really appreciate everyone's attendance at HostGator for the recent Perl Monger's event and hope to see more of you next week. As I mentioned during the event, HostGator is proud to be sponsoring both the local Perl Mongers group and to be a YAPC sponsor again this year. We're still finalizing that sponsorship, but one of the things we'd like to do is create a custom t-shirt that we'll be handing out at YAPC that showcases our love for the local Perl communities and YAPC with a little bit of a Snappy flare.

I'd love to get some ideas from everyone in both the Houston and Austin Perl Monger groups if there is anyone creative out there. (Creative developers, that's a thing right? ;)

When we finalize the shirts, we'll also be bringing some to one of the meetings before YAPC to hand some out as well. That way any of you going to YAPC this year can showcase your local Perl support as well! (Or just get a cool free t-shirt eh?)

I'd love to hear some ideas if anyone has them. Feel free to toss them around the group, or to email them to me directly.

Xaviar Steavenson
Director of Software Development

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