APM: A Very Perl Christmas Party Followup, New Sponsor

Will Braswell wbraswell at hush.com
Wed Dec 18 17:31:18 PST 2013

Howdy Mongers,
We had a great time over food and beer at our Christmas party, our
visiting dignitary Matt Trout (mst) got to field all kinds of
questions related to Catalyst, Moose, etc.  Attached are some photos
we took, in the first one we are giving our new Austin.pm hand sign of
"what is your preferred version of Perl".  I've got my two fingers up
to signify Perl 11.  :-)
Also, it is my great pleasure to announce HostGator as our newest
sponsor!  Starting in January we'll have 2 meetings per month, one
technical meeting at Hostgator's new facility and one social meeting
at a restaurant/pub.  Unless there are votes to the contrary, our plan
is to continue with Tuesday evenings around 6:30pm starting time. 
I'll write back to the mailing list as soon as we nail down dates for
the new January meetings.

Perling,~ Will Braswell, Austin.pm Prezhttp://austin.pm/
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