APM: A Very Perl Holiday Party: Moose, Catalyst & Trout

Will Braswell wbraswell at hush.com
Tue Dec 10 19:33:15 PST 2013

Howdy Mongers,
Many of you know by now that we have a very special visitor from
Europe, Matt Trout (mst) of Catalyst & Moose & Shadowcat fame!
Mr. Trout is making himself available to throw a special Perl Holiday
Party with us next Tuesday, December 17, 7pm - 9pm.
I've put out feelers for a good location, unfortunately the private
room at Mr. Tramps is not available, as recommended at the last
meeting.  I'll write back to the mailing list in a day or three with
more details.  (If you have a good free indoor meeting location with
Internet access, please send me a private message.)
Please send your RSVP so we can gauge attendance.
Perling,~ Will, Austin.pm prez

On 12/10/2013 at 2:01 PM, "Jack Lupton"  wrote:Fellow Perl Mongers, 

I think no one is going to be interested meeting from right before
Christmas until after New Years Day. I think we should schedule a
meetup before then. One idea would be an investigation into Moose. We
could delve into the more popular and well used of the Catalyst
Plugins: why to use, how to install and how to use. 
I have and application that uses MySQL, HTML::Template, CGI, and DBI.
I've used it for invoicing Jack Lupton Light Construction customers
for over 5 years. I'd like to convert it to a Catalyst application and
add it to the Catalyst application I'm working on currently. John
Napiorkowski touched briefly on this kind of effort at the last
meeting.  I'm also loving his idea of a book compilation of Advent
articles. I've since started reading those articles and its good
stuff. I'm late to the party as usual.
Pick a day, poll the group. After a little back and forth we can pin
down a day and topic for the meeting. Or, we can wait until next year.

There has not been much interest in the Perl Meetup group. That
doesn't really surprise me since anyone interested in Perl should
already be a member of Austin.pm. But why is there such low
involvement? There are at least 43 members of meetup.com for whom Perl
programming is an interest.
Best regards,
Jack Lupton
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