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I meant that to go to the list.

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The Perl community has its own irc servers. They are called MagNet I
believe. It is the only way I could connect to #perl-help which I could not
find on freenet. I also had trouble using xChat which I've been using as an
irc client for years. Connecting to the MagNet servers with irssi is no
problem though. There are channels for #perl-help, #moose, #catalyst,
#austinpm, and pretty much anything having to do with Perl. The #perl on
MagNet is different and not as helpful as the #perl on the freenode

I'll do anything to increase my Perl knowledge, so feel free to ask me
anything that troubles you. I'll try to help you figure it out.

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> On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 10:46:44AM -0600, Robin Remaley wrote:
> > Hey y'all, I'm enrolled in ACC's online Perl Programming course and
> > have a few questions. It seems to me like this class went from 0-60 in
> > about four lessons, and though I grasp what I'm supposed to be doing,
> > I'm a little lost. Well, more than a little, but not a lot. Anyone out
> > there got a few minutes?
> I highly recommend the #perl channel on IRC on freenode.net, you will
> get much better response time.  But, they will expect you to have done
> your own looking first.  You can also ask on #austin or #austin-ruby.
> Wayne
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