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Sun May 9 12:44:39 PDT 2010

Confusion Research Center Social 
Event Venue: China Buffet 7301 Burnet Rd. #101 
Date: Fri, 05/14/2010 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm 
"To do the final far-out things" 
Our plan is to start as a simple hackerspace and grow into a distributed 
hands-on science and technology center. Our initial site will be in Austin, TX 
to open in 2010 and start a second site in Cheyenne, WY a year or so later. We 
will work with other hackspaces and museums to collect and share the efforts of 
our participants and other groups. Since a major focus of our efforts is 
hands-on and the Active Socratic Method we don't accept participants who are 
younger than 12 yrs. of age, or not in at least the 6th grade. Austin has a very 
successful children's museum and we strongly suggest you help them out. 
The main goal of CRC is to provide infrastructure to the Central Texas 
technology community. We don't take an active role in defining your projects or 
how you manage them. Our interest is in providing a nice environment, tools, and 
resources you need to execute your plans. 
How to participate now! 
If you're interested and in the local area please feel free to contact us and we 
can schedule a time to talk about your interests. We consider our outreach to be 
globally distributed so you don't need to be in Austin or Cheyenne to 
participate. If you want to dedicate 4-5 hours a week to some project or SIG, 
the first thing you want to do is go to Twine and create an account and join the 
CRC twine. From there all you have to do is submit something to the CRC twine. 
The major hurdle is finding two additional board members. Texas non-profit law 
requires a minimum of three (3) members on the Board of Directors before the 
paperwork can be submitted. These need to be people who understand at least 
basic business process, have an active role in technology, don't mind doing the 
drudge work, are familiar with the culture of hackerspaces and maybe even 
science centers, and are willing to take a leading role in how CRC is managed. 
In particular they need to be willing to help pay the monthly operating costs 
when income is low, and be available 20 hours or so a week. 
Confusion Research Center (CRC) will begin holding twice a month socials for 
those interested in hackerspaces and related activities. The idea is for 
participants to bring white papers, articles, projects, and other items of 
interest to share and build on. 
CRC Hackerspace Social (2nd and 4th Friday of each month) May 14 & 28 7pm to 9pm 
China Buffet 7301 Burnet Rd. #101 (512-459-1600) It's just N. of Dallas 
nightclub Look for the red covered "Applied Cryptography" book. 
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