APM: spring cleaning - tech books

Wayne Walker wwalker at solid-constructs.com
Fri Oct 9 18:36:30 PDT 2009

APM Members,

I have the following books that I am getting rid of.  If you want one
or more, just call me and come get them.  BUT, any books still here at
noon on Sunday are going to Half Price.

Programming Perl - 2nd edition
Perl Cookbook
Stopping Spam
HTML - The definitive Guide - 3rd edition
Advanced Perl Programming - 2nd edition
Perl Testing - A developers notebook
learning Perl/Tk
Javascript - the definitive guide  - 4th ed
CGI Programming with Perl 2nd ed
Beep - The definitive guide
Practical C++ Programming
Java in A Nutshell - 2nd ed
Perl 6 Essentials
Apache - the definitvie guide - 2nd edition x 2
Apache - the definitvie guide
writing apache modules with perl and C
Building Internet Firewalls = 2nd ed
Oracle Database Administration - the essential refernce (covers 7 and 8)
Oracle Essentials (8 and 8i)
Linux Firewalls (New Writers)
UML in a Nutshell
Removing the Spam
The Perl CD Bookshelf - first ed
The Perl CD Bookshelf 2nd ed
perl quick ref guides ( 4 of em)
CCNA study guide, second edition
CCNA exam notes, second edition
Tricks of the Wizards by Mark-Jason Dominus
Tcl and the Tk toolkit
Extreme Programming Examined

O'Reilly Pocket References:
   gnu emacs x 2

Crypto, by Stephen Levy


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