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Thomas L. Shinnick tshinnic at io.com
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At 07:02 PM 9/14/2007, Montgomery Conner wrote:
>AFAIN this tactic was originally proposed by Damian Conway in his 
>2000 book 'Object Oriented Perl'... the implementation is typically 
>called 'inside-out objects'.
>These have been implemented in dozens of ways over the last few 
>years, but perhaps the best explanation and description is the 
>documentation that comes with Damian's own Class::Std... here: 
>good luck,

The discussion in Class::InsideOut::Manual::About mentions the other 
inside-out implementations, and recommends the larger 
Object::InsideOut or itself, Class::InsideOut.  From the reading I 
would recommend either of these "inspired by" modules over the inspiration.

>On 9/14/07, Tim McDaniel <<mailto:tmcd at panix.com>tmcd at panix.com> wrote:
>I dimly recall a presentation about "inverted objects" or some phrase
>like that.  The standard Perl procedure boils down to
>      my $obj = {};
>      $obj->{foo} = 123;
>      $obj->{bar} = 456;
>The technique was something like
>      my $obj = \0;  # some way of generating a unique reference
>      $foo{$obj} = 123;
>      $bar{$obj} = 456;
>This allows compile-time "member" checking and perhaps other
>advantages that I don't recall right now.
>Who thought of this pattern (was it Schwartz?) and where can I read up
>on it again?
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