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I'll be giving a public presentation about Parrot and
Perl 6 at Freescale Semiconductor this Friday, and I was
hoping you could pass along the talk announcement to
members of Austin.pm, in case anyone is interested.

Also, if Austin.pm is interested in having me come speak
at one of your meetings, I'll be happy to do it!


Patrick R. Michaud, Ph.D.
Web:   http://www.pmichaud.com
Email: pmichaud at pobox.com

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Subject: Patrick Michaud talks about Parrot - Updated

   Parrot, the virtual machine for Perl6, Python , Ruby, Tcl, JavaScript

       Parmer FreeYourMind! and the Differentiated Tools Team are
       co-sponsoring a visit from Patrick Michaud to discuss Parrot, a tool
       significance to the CAD industry.  This is an open forum for members
       of the CAD community to meet and discuss their desires for how they
       would like the language to handle their requirements.  The talk is
       open to the public and will be announced to Intel, Intrinsity, AMD,
       QualComm, IBM and the Austin Perl Mongers Group. Please tell your

       Patrick Michaud will present Parrot, a virtual machine environment
       for Perl6, Python, Ruby, Tcl, JavaScript.

       2006 Jan 26 Friday
       Refreshments: 10:00 until 10:30 A.M.
       Talk: From 10:30 A.M. until 12:30 P.M.
       With time for Questions until 1 P.M.

       Parmer Auditorium,
       The Northern most building visible from Parmer Lane
       Building A,
       7700 W. Parmer Lane,
       Austin, Texas 78729

   URL: of Bldg A in center of frame:


       Software Developers,
       Language Designers and Implementers,
       Perl users

   Talk description

   Over the past few years the Perl community has been designing and
   developing Parrot, a virtual machine interpreter for dynamic languages.
   While this virtual machine is obviously intended to support compilation
   in Perl, a fundamental design goal of Parrot is also to provide language
   interoperability at the bytecode level with many scripting languages,
   including Python, Ruby, Tcl, JavaScript, and others.  Parrot also
   provides a "native calling interface" that allows these dynamic
   languages to access libraries written in languages such as C or C++.

   This talk reviews the Parrot virtual machine environment and describes
   the goals and status of the Perl 6 and Parrot efforts.
   The talk includes an introduction to the compiler tools that have been
   created to simplify parsing, analysis, and bytecode generation for
   language translators (including Perl 6).  The talk also provides a brief
   introduction to Parrot's native calling interface, demonstrations of
   currently available capabilities, and a look at how Parrot and Perl 6
   are aiming to achieve language interoperability within a single runtime

   About the presenter
   Patrick R. Michaud is the lead designer ("pumpking") for the Perl 6
   compiler and the Parrot compiler tools.
   He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and was formerly a Professor of
   Computer Science at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.
   He is currently a software developer and consultant focused on open
   source development and applications, including Perl, PmWiki, and Linux.

       George Wood
       Member of Technical Staff
       Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

       Parmer FreeYourMind!
       Jessica Watts
       Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

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