APM: Topics for upcoming meetings

Taylor Carpenter taylor at codecafe.com
Thu Jan 11 11:11:06 PST 2007

Please choose the order you would like to see the following topics  
and send me an email.  I will coordinate with the presenters and  
update the APM website.

   * Perl::Tidy and Perl::Critic
   * LISA related info (probably short overview)
   * closures & refactoring (from LISA but could be stand alone)
   * POE
   * Self modifying code and other fun stuff
   * Perl 6 - Status update, future, code examples.
   * Scientific programming with Perl (possibly???)
   * Nested sets - a technique for representing hierarchical data  
with a flat structure and a non-recursive tree traversal.

BTW, some of these items (and other topics) could be done in 10-15  
minute segments.  We could have a couple of people show something  
short then have a longer one.  For  instance a meeting could have

  * ~10mins about Standalone web apps
  * ~10mins about self-modifying code
  * ~10mins of LISA info and topics related to Perl
  * ~30mins about Perl 6 current status and examples

If you have something that you think might be interesting to the  
whole group that would take 10mins or so then tell me.  Basically  
don't think something would be to short for a full presentation.   
Furthermore doing 30mins rather than 1hr... or whatever lengh is fine.


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