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On 3-Mar-06, at 6:17 PM, tmcd at panix.com wrote:

> On Fri, 3 Mar 2006, Wayne Walker <wwalker at bybent.com> wrote:
>> A different way of creating objects.
> As a tangent, I saw a book at Borders: I believe it was _Perl Best
> Practices_, which would be Damian Conway's recent book.  It had what
> looks like a quite interesting technique for building classes in Perl,
> "inside-out objects".  It also talked about the value of certain CPAN
> modules to improve code structuring ("use base", for example, to avoid
> the @ISA stuff).  But I had only a few minutes to look at the book.
> Has any here read the book and think it worth getting?

I reviewed it, and we have been using it to guide us in a couple of  
largish projects at work.  While it is pretty good, you should be  
careful about which guidelines you pick.

Personally I find Class::Std too much of a nuisance to use, to me the  
pudding is a little over-egged - but I have been seduced by the red  
side, and so you can ignore me ;-)  I particularly don't like the  
baroque-feeling markers and attributes, and even the lighter-weight  
and better behaved Object::InsideOut uses attributes to mark  

Try it on something and see.  I like Damian, and amazed by what he  
can make Perl do, but a couple of years of maintaining old and crufty  
Perl code which sometimes uses tricks deliberately, other times  
accidentally, has made me leery of anything but the most vanilla Perl.



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