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Fri Mar 3 15:17:06 PST 2006

On Fri, 3 Mar 2006, Wayne Walker <wwalker at bybent.com> wrote:
> A different way of creating objects.

As a tangent, I saw a book at Borders: I believe it was _Perl Best
Practices_, which would be Damian Conway's recent book.  It had what
looks like a quite interesting technique for building classes in Perl,
"inside-out objects".  It also talked about the value of certain CPAN
modules to improve code structuring ("use base", for example, to avoid
the @ISA stuff).  But I had only a few minutes to look at the book.

Has any here read the book and think it worth getting?

>I spent 2 hours today trying to
> figure out why this didn't work:
> sub _create_or_increment_record # ($key_value)
> {
>     my $unused_classname = shift;
>     my $key_value = @_;

That would be this problem, I presume?
     my $key_value = scalar(@_);
     my $key_value = 1;

> I've heard that there are special perl library's that let you bless
> a scalar and get magical attributes, but can't find anything about
> it.

What "magical attributes" exactly?

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