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Job Specification: Software QA Engineer
This position is in the Layer N Networks’ Systems QA Engineering Group based
in Austin, Texas. Person in this role will work closely with the Layer N
Customers as well as Marketing, Engineering and Business Development teams.
Perform system level testing and compatibility testing of Layer N Network’s
network security card and firmware in an integrated environment.
Replicate customer environment for system level debugging.
Write and review system level compatibility test plans.
Technical Experience:
4-8 years of varied Internet related technology experience (Ethernet,
TCP/IP, switching, routing, etc), particularly with understanding networking
Knowledge of security and encryption technologies such as SSL, IPSec, SSH,
DES/3DES, etc.
Experience with planning and implementing complex networks.
Administrator/Power user experience in various operating system environments
such as Linux and Windows 2000.
Administrator level experience of web server software such as Apache, IIS,
and iPlanet.
Experience with common web browsing software such as Netscape/Mozilla,
Internet Explorer and Opera.
Strong understanding of network testing at the application level is a big
Languages/Development Tools:
Experience in C / C++ programming at the application level.
Experience in writing shell scripts and Python scripting.
Experience with network debugging tools.
Experience with OpenSSL.
BS degree in computer science or networking systems.
Well developed oral and written communication skills.
Customer support experience is a big plus.
Works well in a “roll up your sleeves” environment.

To express your interest in this position, please contact us at
Jobs at LayerN.com <mailto:Jobs at LayerN.com>.

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