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Software Engineer, Austin, TX
Job Description

Ashley Laurent, Inc., seeks to fill the position of Software Engineer in Austin, Texas, to develop broadband and network security software solutions. 

Duties include: 

Apply development experience with C, C++, and JAVA and articulate the
strengths and weaknesses of each development language to analyze optimal
Use additional development expertise with Visual Basic, TCL/TK, COM/DCOM,
MFC, ActiveX, Java/Swing, C#, PERL, PHP, Python, SQL or .NET to develop
programming codes and solutions for network security software 
 Program PKI, IPSec, and other networking security standards and a broad
range of Web and IP technologies including but not limited to HTTP, SOAP,
SSL, XML, XSLT, IPv4/v6, IP MultiCast, VPN and routing technologies into
company firmware products 
Develop embedded operating systems including VxWorks, pSOS, ATMOS,
Embedded Linux, Nucleus, etc., and the design structures required for
effective cross-platform design and implementation 

Minimum Requirements 

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering plus two years experience, or Master’s degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering plus one year experience.


Qualified candidates send resumes to resumes at ashleylaurent.com or

Surekha Varra
Ashley Laurent, Inc.
5914 West Courtyard Drive, Suite 200
Austin, TX 78730

Ashley Laurent is an EOE

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