APM: directoryIndex handler?

Sam Foster austin.pm at sam-i-am.com
Thu Oct 21 09:51:30 CDT 2004

Hope last nights meeting was good. My tuesday evening was going just 
fine until my wife pointed out it was actually wednesdaay already. Ooops :(

I've been fiddling with a cgi directoryIndex handler off and on. It 
should do all the things the built in Apache handler does - filename, 
size, last modified etc., but also show aliases, virtual hosts and so 
on. I have 10-20 virtual hosts defined at any one time for various 
projects, and would really like a nice home page and way to browse 
around them.

The problem is resolving filenames from the urls in a way that is 
virtualhost and alias (and defaultDocument.. and even potentially 
mod_rewrite etc. aware.) I started parsing through the httpd.conf, then 
stopped and thought this looks very like a round and thing which pivots 
around the middle.

I've seen Apache::ConfigFile - which doesn't really help.
If I go to mod_perl (I'm running apache 1.3 .. cos the production 
servers I have to deal with are running it), I think I can tap into 
Apache to resolve the urls to filenames for me?

But maybe someone did all this already too... any ideas? I'm a mod_perl 
newbie, but keen to learn.


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