APM: October Meeting: Writing a Webmin Module in Perl in 1 hour -- Tomorrow

David Bluestein II dbii at interaction.net
Tue Oct 19 09:41:21 CDT 2004

The October meeting has changed from being on Spamassassin (which will be in January now) to Webmin. It will be at 7:00 at ARL (see austin.pm.org for directions), with dinner at Pok-e Jo's at 5:45 (we should ask them for sponsorship or something) in the Arboretum.

The presenter will be Joe Cooper, and his topic description is:
Since everyone is presumably a perl programmer (or learning to be), I 
figure we'll write a new Webmin module from scratch during the 
presentation.  This would lead naturally to an overview of the 
web-lib.pl library of functions, the architecture of Webmin, and 
hopefully bring a few new Webmin module developers into existence.  And, 
yes Virginia, it is possible to write a completely functional (and 
possibly even useful) Webmin module from scratch in an hour or so, 
including internationalization (translations not included), fine-grained 
access controls, event logging, and more.

More details on Webmin can be found at 


And Joe has written a book on the subject (and has the contents online in HTML also):


Should be interesting. Next month will be on Maypole, and Spamassassin in January. We will also discuss if we want to have a December meeting, or just a December dinner.


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