APM: scp with perl

Moon, John john.moon at myflorida.com
Fri Jul 23 09:28:18 CDT 2004

Well, actually not on all platforms... that's the problem... I can't
determine what is causing some to ask and some not to ask... 
I have ran ssh-keygen  -t dsa on all the platforms and set up, I think, the
correct authorized_keys files on the appropriate platforms...  

Looked at Net::SCP but it appeared to have a lot of dependent modules ... I
thought before installing it and all it dependents I'd see if anyone had
experience with this problem...



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--- "Moon, John" <john.moon at myflorida.com> wrote:
> Have multiple Unix platforms that I need to pickup files from then
> delete on
> each respective platform once picked and processed. I was using ftp put
> they
> are starting to shut down that option. Any suggestions of another
> approach
> will be greatly appreciated. 
> I have tried to use system(" scp ... ") but keep getting a request for a
> password. 

of course ya will.

how 'bout Net::SCP?


i'm trying to get away from this mail account as much as possible.  it's
become a spamtrap.

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