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Sat Dec 11 18:20:25 CST 2004

After writing a Perl script to tabulate votes, and coming up with 
numbers that looked very similar, I threw out the voting program 
tabulator and made a decision for the red states (or is this the blue 

December APM Dinner Meeting
When: December 15, 2004
	6:30 pm
Where: Kerbey Lane (http://www.kerbeylanecafe.com) at 12602 Research 
(see website for map)

I know this one is far up there for southern/central people (and for 
this I consider myself southern), but it was the most recommended of 
them for parking and various other reasons. And at 6:30, that should 
give downtown people time to get there without having to fight traffic 
too much hopefully.

As a benefit to this one though, afterwards we could retire to Dave & 
Busters since it was a (very) close second, but that can be decided by 
the attendees--fun, beer or milkshakes :)

Sam, could you update the website please? And put Ian up for Jan 19th 
speaking on Maypole at ARL.


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