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Ken Kilgore

WCID Software Developer  (VC++) 

WholeSecurity, www.wholesecurity.com, has developed a unique behavioral
approach for the detection and mitigation of new and unknown forms of
malicious code/threats at zero-hour on desktops, laptops and unmanaged
systems.    Additionally, WholeSecurity has the behavioral capability to
detect site spoofing or phishing for major trusted brands.   We are well
funded by two of the leading venture capital organizations in the world. 
We have assembled an experienced management team, a group of world
renowned advisors and a core of brilliant dedicated employees.  We are
looking to add a smart, highly motivated individual to our Development
that craves the excitement and opportunity of a startup atmosphere.

*Responsibilities *

As a key member of the development group, responsible for developing and
enhancing a variety of Web and Windows-based client applications. This
development will be applied across WholeSecurity's  Anti-Phishing
product offering.


You MUST have:
4-5+ years of VC++ development
Web development using PHP and/or Perl
Knowledge of Windows Win32 API
Adequate knowledge of HTML and Javascript
Database development using MySQL (preference) or Oracle/Sybase/SQL

*Additional Pluses:*
IE programming
Network programming including SSL
Ability to learn quickly and work independently

If you are interested and possess the skills for these positions please 
submit your resume to ken at kaptkaos.com <mailto:hr at wholesecurity.com>.  

Ken Kilgore

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