APM: NOMINATIONS: December Meeting--Closing Wed.

Joe Cooper joe at swelltech.com
Fri Dec 3 12:35:19 CST 2004

Sam Foster wrote:
> David Bluestein II wrote:
>> Okay, I've gotten three suggestions for Dec. Meeting (though the "not 
>> vegetarian") was more of a vote against. Anyone else want to suggest 
>> anything/place before we poll everyone for their preference?
>> David
> On that note, I'll make a more positive suggestion - Mothers, on Duval 
> in the Hyde Park area - is a very nice vegetarian restaurant with plenty 
> of space inside to spread out, lovely food - they have excellent 
> enchilladas as well as the usual veggie fare, and good service.
> For my negative suggestion: not barbeque please. I can only eat so much 
> potato salad and pickles (the standard veggie option)

I'll second the Mothers motion.  Excellent food and friendly atmosphere, 
and I've never heard any non-vegetarians complain about the food.

Barbeque places do tend to suck horribly for vegetarians.  The County 
Line has a good veggie burger, though, or at least they did a couple of 
years back when I last ate there.  They have the gall to call it a 
"Hippy Burger", however.

But there are lots of places that aren't vegetarian that are very 
vegetarian friendly, so there's no need to exclude either preference. 
The Tea House on 183 has fantastic Vietnamese and Chinese food.  Satay 
down on Mopac at Anderson is great Singaporean and other asian foods 
with a good wine list.  (Hmmm...I only know really good asian places.)

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