APM: NOMINATIONS: December Meeting--Closing Wed.

Sam Foster austin.pm at sam-i-am.com
Fri Dec 3 11:59:53 CST 2004

David Bluestein II wrote:
> Okay, I've gotten three suggestions for Dec. Meeting (though the "not vegetarian") was more of a vote against. Anyone else want to suggest anything/place before we poll everyone for their preference?
> David
On that note, I'll make a more positive suggestion - Mothers, on Duval 
in the Hyde Park area - is a very nice vegetarian restaurant with plenty 
of space inside to spread out, lovely food - they have excellent 
enchilladas as well as the usual veggie fare, and good service.

For my negative suggestion: not barbeque please. I can only eat so much 
potato salad and pickles (the standard veggie option)


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