APM: cpan.org???

Marc Majcher majcher at majcher.com
Mon Mar 31 23:46:57 CST 2003

Jeez, it's just coming up on midnight now.  Starting early...

dbii at mudpuddle.com (David Bluestein II):

:Weird. I see the same thing, and it definitely wasn't that way Saturday
:morning as I was just there. Internal pages seem to be the same, and it is
:weirder that links on the main page to the old main CPAN page don't
:reference CPAN. Wonder if the domain expired/the server has had the main
:page replaced?
:>  Hey folks,
:>  I went to cpan.org just now and discovered that the mainpage appears to
:>have been
:>changed.   Some guy named Matt has made it his home page....  There's still
:>a link
:>to the cpan.org we all know but who the hell is Matt?

Know Nyarlahotep, Know Chaos.  No Nyarlahotep, No Chaos.

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