APM: Next Meeting Wednesday Janyary 22nd

Mark Lehmann mlehmann at marklehmann.com
Tue Jan 7 21:23:30 CST 2003

It's a new year and we have several Monthly meeting presentations lined up.


  Tek Systems.  6:30pm.  Go to the website (http://austin.pm.org) for


Summary from the presenter:

  PHP is an open-source scripting language desgined for producing dynamic web
  pages.  My presentation will provide an brief overview of PHP, with a few
  examples.  The subject areas I intend to cover are:

    1. Introduction 
    2. Typical Applications
    3. Getting Started - Installation
    4. The Basics
    5. Persistant Data
    6. Database Access
    7. Object Oriented Features
    8. Additional Resources

  Please email me: sbauer at jump.net if you have any other topics you wish to
  see covered.


A group will meet a Pok-e-Jo's Barbecue in the Arboretum at 5:30 for dinner
and networking.

Beverages and Networking

At 8:00pm after the presentation, we will gather at B.B. Rover's for food,
drink and more networking.


We've updated the website look and feel, thanks for website developer Dewayne
Mangan.  I'll be diligent about keeping it up to date.

Reference the Austin Perl Mongers website at http://austin.pm.org for
location details.

Mark Lehmann
email mlehmann at marklehmann.com | phone 512 689-7705

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