APM: CPAN urllist

Mike South msouth at shodor.org
Fri Aug 29 19:12:19 CDT 2003

That list is in CPAN/Config.pm in your perl libraries.  You can edit
it directly.  Just looking at that list, I think a lot of them are
still valid, I don't know.  But you could try with just one and
see if it works.  I don't know off the top of my head which are
valid (I haven't used it in a while.)  I tried loading at least
one of the urls you enetered and got a site.  There could 
be another problem.  

Sorry I couldn't be more help.  Another thing you could try is 
moving CPAN/Config.pm to CPAN/Config.pm.bak and see if starting up
CPAN will put you through the configuration paces again, which
includes offering a recent list of urls for mirrors.


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