APM: CPAN urllist

Tom Bakken tom.bakken at tx.usda.gov
Fri Aug 29 13:13:03 CDT 2003

I'm trying to install DBD and Informix on a Red Hat Linux server.  I last
used CPAN quite a while ago and I'm not sure whether the trouble I'm now
having with it is due to the current virus problems, or that my urllist is
out of date/the sites no longer participate.

I tried this:

perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::CPAN'

And is seemed to work.  However, when I ran:

perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::DBD::Informix'

I get the following:

Please check, if the URLs I found in your configuration file
(ftp://ftp.duke.edu/pub/perl/, ftp://ftp.epix.net/pub/languages/perl/,
ftp://ftp.ou.edu/mirrors/CPAN/, ftp://ftp.sunsite.utk.edu/pub/CPAN/,
ftp://ftp.twoguys.org/CPAN/) are valid.  The urllist can be edited.  E.g.
with ''o conf urllist push ftp://myurl/''.

How do you edit the urllist?  What are some valid ftp sites to replace these
if they are no longer working?  The perldoc CPAN wasn't too helpful.

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