jeremy jeremyb at univista.com
Mon Aug 11 10:15:58 CDT 2003

fellow Perlites,

 I'm working with HTTP:DAV (P.Collins) to update and add contacts to MS
Exchange 2000.  I had the xml body for the PROPPATCH request ready to go
in the script,  but when I went to write the 'proppatch' request it was
appearent that only one property could be set at a time.  Atleast that's
what was documented.  The syntax is like this:

$davObject->proppatch( -url=>"$myurl", -propname=>"$property",
-propvalue=>"$propval" [-action=>"set"]|"remove" )

Can any of you folks think of a way to send an xml
file as the body in place of explicit calls to -propname and -propvalue?

I would really rather not iterate over a single property PROPPATCH
request in order to get all my properties updated.

thanks for you time,

    Jeremy Brooks

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