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Well, you could do something like this:

package Object;

sub new {

  my $class = shift;
  my $self  = {};

  # ID that you sent in via instantiation
  my %ARGS    = shift;
  my $id      = $ARGS{ID};
  $self->{ID} = $id;

  # Database fields
  my @LIST  = qw ( first_field second_field third_field );
  $self->{LIST} = \@LIST;

  # Return blessed object
  return bless($self, $class);

Now, when you instantiate your object thusly:

  my $obj = Object->new( ID => $id );

$object will have two components:  ID and LIST.  You can access them like

  my $id   = $obj->{ID};
  my $list = $obj->{LIST};

Here, ID is a scalar and $list is an array reference.

Hope this helps,


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Okay, I've been coding too much this week and I've got an OO Perl question
as I'm trying to expand my horizons (now that I kind of understand $self

In my object, I want a list, @Object::LIST, which does not change during
runtime (it contains a list of fields in a database). In my main program, I
create an OBJECT:

    my $id = $q->param('id');

# create object
    my $object = new Object( ID => $id );
# create reference to the list of fields
    my $listref = \@Object::LIST;

I want to make this simpler though, and not involve the @Object::variable

Questions are:
1) How do I define an @LIST in my Object.pm, and how do I construct the
syntax to access it in my main program, such that I can change the above
code to:

    my $id = $q->param('id');

# create object
    my $object = new Object( ID => $id );
# Set the variable @list equal to the @LIST in the $object. Syntax is wrong
here (I tried it)
    my @list = $object->@LIST;



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