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Sawyer X xsawyerx at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 02:35:47 PST 2017

Hey everyone,

It's time for the official reminder that TODAY there's an
AmsterdamX.pm meeting with interesting talks:


Stevan Little - Hold my beer and watch this!

* Perl has been described in many ways; a Shinto Shrine, executable
line noise, a Swiss Army Chainsaw, the Duct Tape of the Internet, etc.
But I think Perl is more like a old pop star, always reinventing
itself to stay relevant, never truly leaving our consciousness, always
just a melody away. What is the state of Perl today? Will Perl 6 be
the big comeback? Will 2017 be the year we make Perl great again?

Sawyer X - Perl 5.24, 5.26, and the Future of Perl 5

* Perl 5 is doing well in its latest stable version: 5.24. It will
soon see it's newest version: 5.26. So why is 5.24 exciting, why will
5.26 be even more exciting, and what can we expect of future versions
of Perl 5?

* This is my talk given at FOSDEM, for those who could not attend and
would like to know what the status and the future of Perl 5 is.

Date: 27th, Feb Monday.
Time: 18:30 - 20:30 (theoretically).
Location: Booking.com, Herengracht 597, Auditorium Room on 5th floor.

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