[AmsterdamX-pm] AmsterdamX.pm is back!! Feb 27th!

Sawyer X xsawyerx at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 05:37:39 PST 2017

Please also fill in the following form if you intend to come:

Date: 27th, Feb Monday.
Time: 18:30 - 20:30 (theoretically)
Location: Booking.com, Herengracht 597, Auditorium room on 5th floor.


*Stevan Little - Hold my beer and watch this!*

Perl has been described in many ways; a Shinto Shrine, executable line
noise, a Swiss Army Chainsaw, the Duct Tape of the Internet, etc. But
I think Perl is more like a old pop star, always reinventing itself to
stay relevant, never truly leaving our consciousness, always just a
melody away. What is the state of Perl today? Will Perl 6 be the big
comeback? Will 2017 be the year we make Perl great again?

*Sawyer X - Perl 5.24, 5.26, and the Future of Perl 5*

Perl 5 is doing well in its latest stable version: 5.24. It will soon
see it's newest version: 5.26. So why is 5.24 exciting, why will 5.26
be even more exciting, and what can we expect of future versions of
Perl 5?
This is my talk given at FOSDEM, for those who could not attend and
would like to know what the status and the future of Perl 5 is.

See you there!

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