[AmsterdamX-pm] How-to : video for the French Perl Workshop (and more)

Laurent Boivin l.boivin at free.fr
Mon Aug 3 13:57:58 PDT 2015

Hi Sawyer,

Sorry I've been distracted...
I don't have many scripts, but here's what I have: a detailed
recipe, some templates and examples (attached file).
I'm not good neither in video editing nor in sound edition.
So the result is "raw": it depends a lot on the quality of
the capture.

Preparing the panels

1.  With Inkscape :
1a. Make the "sponsor" page (_sponsors_v2.svg in the attached)
1b. Make the template for the talks (Template.svg)
Ideally the size of the svg are the size of the video

2.  Extract the talk list from Act in CVS
2a. Remove useless columns before saving the file (just keep author,
     title, link to the act entry for the talk)
2b. with a perl -F; -lane produce the file data2015.txt (any name is ok)
title -- author -- [url of the talk in act]
2c. run instantiate.pl to apply the data.txt to Template.svg. It
     produces talk_title.svg
2d. with inkscape for each svg
2d1. fix the long titles (to have it on 2 lines instead of a tooooo
      long single line)
2d2. export as .png

The videos in Openshot

3. Create a project using the size as close as your videos
    Initial duration is not very relevant: it changes on the fly
    By default, you have 2 tracks. That's enough for me.

4. Add the video, the sponsor.png, the "title".png. I also add
    Save the project.

5. On track #2
5a. add the title.png
     start at 0, duration 3 sec, no audio

5b. add the sponsors.png
     start at 3sec, duration 3 sec, no audio, fade out of 1 sec

5c. add the logo_mongueurs.png
     start at 6 sec, duration 299 sec (over 300 sec it does not make it),
     no audio, don't extend to full screen, align at bottom right

6. On track #1
6a. Add the video
     Start at 5sec, fade in audio+video 2 sec, fade out 2 sec audio+video

6b. Cut the beginning of the video (up to the beginning of the talk)
     Re-adjust the beginning at 5 sec

6c. Cut the end of the video (after the end of the talk, the "applause"
     fading out)


8. Extend the logo_mongueurs.png to the end of the video
8a. Copy the logo_mongueurs.png (right click duplicate, drop to
     have them one after the others) up to the end of the video
     (and a little more)

8b. on the last one, truncate it to match the end of the video

8c. fadeout on the video of 2 sec

9. Export the video using the "preconfigured" settings to You Tube
    in medium quality (high quality produces a too big file)

10. Close Openshot and reopen it for the next video. From time
     to time, check the number of openshot processes... kill the

In case your video as sound only in one ear, use mono2stereo.sh to
have it on left+right.

I've no idea how to script the video (how to define the beginning and
the end of the video)
What can maybe be scripted is the export from svg to png.
But I use Inkscape to check if the length of the title is OK or if I
need to modify it.

Laurent Boivin            --               mailto:l.boivin at free.fr
Member of Grenoble.pm, Paris.pm

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